【HONDA STEPWGN e:HEV】- Prefect car for Northbound Travel

As an MPV that's perfect for Northbound travel, Honda's new generation STEPWGN e:HEV not only saves fuel but also provides a comfortable driving experience, making it the ideal choice for you.

The Honda STEPWGN e:HEV is equipped with unique e:HEV hybrid technology, which outputs a maximum horsepower of 184 and a peak torque of 315 Nm, improving the handling performance to a higher level, providing a responsive and exhilarating acceleration that can rival electric cars. Moreover, the driving is particularly quiet, and the solid chassis and suspension further enhance the ride's comfort. Equipped with a steering wheel +/- paddle, it can control kinetic energy recovery and charge the battery, achieving greater fuel efficiency, and fully demonstrating the advantages of e:HEV.

The space design of the STEPWGN e:HEV is also very thoughtful, with a spacious interior and unique seat design that allows every seat to enjoy an open view. Equipped with the most spacious third-row space in its class, the independent large Ottoman seat in the middle row can also slide back and forth and left and right, allowing you and your family to enjoy the fun of long-distance travel to the fullest. In addition, the Honda STEPWGN e:HEV is equipped with Honda SENSING advanced safety system and PM2.5 purifying cabin air, ensuring the safety of you and your family during your journey.

If you haven't experienced the popular MPV Honda STEPWGN e:HEV yet, but are considering it, you might as well listen to the following real user reviews to see why they are attracted to it.

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